Using a Static Front Page

Posted May 8, 2013

WordPress is great for more than just blogging, so what should you do when a blog isn't the main focus of your website? Setting up a static page with information that's helpful to new visitors is a great idea for many sites. This could be a restaurant's menu, a list of services your business provides, or anything someone stumbling across your site will be interested in.

Simply create a new page (just give it a title like "Home") and put in whatever content you'd like. Next create an empty page, we'll call this one "Blog" and leave the content empty. Now we'll go to Settings → Reading and set "Front page displays" to "A static page." Front page should be set to the page you've created for your homepage, and the posts page will be set to blog. Now whenever someone visits your site's homepage they'll be greeted with static content (ex: and you'll still have a page where your blog is visible (ex:

So if your site doesn't really need a blog to be the main focus, give this a shot.