Video Thumbnails

Video Thumbnails makes it easy to automatically display video thumbnails in your WordPress template. No more uploading screenshots every time you post a video.


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Posting a lot of videos? Save time using Video Importer!

Automatic Video Discovery

Video Thumbnails doesn't require changing your workflow because it automatically detects your embedded videos. You might even forget it's there!

Extensive Support

With support for 17 video sources, you'll always be covered no matter where your videos are hosted.

Featured Image Integration

Video Thumbnails uses the standard WordPress featured image system and stores all files in the standard WordPress media library, so it's already compatible with your favorite themes.

Highly Rated

“This beats the heck out of taking screenshots to use as featured images for embedded video. Thanks for the very useful bit of plugin magic.”

Supported Sites

YouTube Vimeo
Facebook Vine Twitch
Dailymotion Metacafe
Blip Google Drive
Funny or Die CollegeHumor
MPORA Wistia
Youku Rutube

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Video Thumbnails Pro is great for power users and professional bloggers. Upgrade today and get these great new features. Watch a demo »

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Completely Automatic
Supports 17 Sites
Save to Media Library
Set Featured Images
Scan Custom Fields
Scan Custom Post Types
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Widescreen Crop Setting New!
Maximum Image Sizes
Custom Upload Folder
More Bulk Scan Options
Disable Providers
Provider-Specific Fields

Custom Upload Options Pro

Select an aspect ratio to always use for files, set maximum dimensions to save server space, and organize files in a custom subirectory of your uploads folder. The widescreen aspect ratio option helps prevent those annoying black bars on some videos.

Supercharged Bulk Scanning Pro

Save time when scanning your past posts by skipping posts with featured images and by limiting the search to specific tags or categories.

Disable Providers Pro

Lower overhead and prevent unintended thumbnails by disabling video sites you don't use.

Provider Custom Fields Pro

Some templates and developers only store a video ID in a custom field like “youtube_id” or “vimeo_id”. With advanced custom field settings you'll be able to set an individual field for each provider.

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Personal Support

Get friendly support directly from the plugin's developer and view other questions on our forums.

Browser Friendly

Guaranteed compatibility with the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Automatic Updates

Get all the latest features and bugfixes via automatic updates included with your purchase.