Video Importer

Save time and hassle by automatically importing videos from your favorite sources on YouTube and Vimeo directly into your WordPress blog.


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Check out Video Thumbnails to automatically save images for your videos

Easy Setup

  1. Name your source and select between YouTube or Vimeo
  2. Configure the source information such as username or playlist ID
  3. Select any additional options like tags or categories
  4. Publish the source and relax as past and future videos get imported automatically

YouTube & Vimeo Support

Video Importer is compatible with several types of sources such as YouTube users and playlists as well as Vimeo users, groups, and channels.

Save Valuable Time

Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it copying and pasting embed codes, titles, and descriptions every time one of your sources posts a new video.

Automatically Categorize & Tag

Choose which categories and tags will be automatically applied for each source videos are imported from. There’s even an option to import tags from Vimeo!

Set it and Forget it

Video Importer checks for new videos every hour, so your visitors will be treated to fresh content around the clock.

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(we'll email you a download link)

Personal Support

Get friendly support directly from the plugin's developer and view other questions on our forums.

Browser Friendly

Guaranteed compatibility with the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Automatic Updates

Get all the latest features and bugfixes via automatic updates included with your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any new features planned?

Yes! While we can’t share any details yet, we’re excited to build around the needs of our users, so your feedback is encouraged.

Is there any setup required?

Video Importer works with YouTube right away, but for Vimeo you’ll need to grab an API key. Log in then visit this page. Click “Create a new app”, then add a name, description, and your site’s URL. Once you agree to the terms and click “Create app”, you’ll be able to copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret into the Refactored Video Importer section in your WordPress settings.

While you’re in the settings you can also enter your license key (only required for plugin updates) and adjust the maximum number of videos to import from each source.

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