Introducing Video Importer Pro

Posted Apr 20, 2015

Video Importer is already the best tool for automatically importing videos into your WordPress site, and today we're happy to announce it's getting even better with the release of Video Importer Pro. We've decided to release the full-featured core version of Video Importer for free on the WordPress directory and upgrade all existing license owners to the pro version.

A More Robust Foundation for Everyone

With these changes we'll be able to better optimize performance, track down bugs faster, and explore more new ideas as the number of sites running Video Importer's core version increases.

Faster Release Cycle

We can focus more time on great new pro features as the core version grows more stable. Because the two versions run in tandem together, pro customers will also benefit immediately anytime an update is released for the core version.

Just the Beginning

At launch, the pro version adds the option to set your import schedule anywhere from every 5 minutes to once per day. Other features on the way include custom templates for your imported posts, smart tagging, improved bulk imports, and more.

YouTube API Updates

YouTube integration has been rewritten to support Version 3.0 of the YouTube Data API. This means an API key is now required for YouTube to work. You can set one up for free on the Google Developers Console. If you're running a version of Video Importer lower than 1.6 you need to upgrade or YouTube will stop importing soon.